One Instant Pot Spaghetti in 35 minutes

img_6567One of the best things you can do with an Instant Pot.

1 Pound Ground Beef – At least, more is better
1 Pound Spaghetti Noodles, (change the noodles Farfalle, Penne, literally everything is more interesting that spaghetti)
1 Jar Spaghetti Sauce, enough for one box of spaghetti

Put meat in the Instant Pot.
Hit the Saute’ button. Saute’ means cook it like a skillet in French.
Cook the meat till it looks like meat you would add to spaghetti sauce. (browned)
Hit the Cancel Button / Turn the Instant Pot off.
Drain any excess grease from meat if necessary. (excess grease is also called flavor)
Break the spaghetti in half. (so much easier at this point if you took some risks with the Penne pasta)
Arrange it on top of the meat in the bottom of the instant pot.
Pour in the the spaghetti sauce.  Push the spaghetti down with a spoon if necessary.
If the noodles are completely covered in liquid, add water to make sure it is completely covered. Did you try pushing the noodles down?
Put the lid on the Instant Pot.
Manual. High Pressure. 8 minutes. (Did you try the crazy noodles? Do they take more time than spaghetti? Add a minute or two.)
Quick Release it safely.
Stir the spaghetti well. Don’t let anyone see it until it is well stirred. It’s kind of magic to watch it change from unfortunate to best thing ever before your eyes.
Serve it in bowls. or plates. Change it up.

Saute’ means cook it like a skillet in French
Put the pasta and sauce and water on top of the meat.
Don’t Panic! Stir.


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