Costco Salmon Sous Vide in the package


Salmon Sous Vide Costco sealed from the grocery.

I got some wild caught, previously frozen, Salmon at Costco. It is sealed. Not as heavy duty as the Costco chicken breast. I trimmed the package to fit comfortably in the Sous Vide cooler. It looked like the packaging was holding up. So I went for it.


Salmon in vacuum sealed packaging that might possibly work.


  1. Put the salmon in the costco vacuum sealed package into the Sous Vide
  2. 122 degrees
  3. 40 minutes
  4. Remove from Sous Vide
  5. Finish on a hot grill with salt and butter or whatever

It worked!

The packaging held together! Came up to temperature. Didn’t leak. There was a moisture pad in the packaging that cooked inside the package. It wasn’t an issue.

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